Mikayla (Duh!)

Mikayla (Duh!)
Mikayla (Duh!)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Pain in my Legs

So Wednesday I had Cross Country Practice. Thursday my legs hurt so bad. But I still walked 2 miles to take my little cousin to feed some horses. The horse had a piece of clothe over its face so we just threw the carrots in the yard.

So today I swear my legs are worse than yesterday but I stretched and took some Tylonel. I'm going to start a new excercise routine Monday. It's called Couch to 5K in 9 weeks.
Hopefully, it works

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Charlie Horse

Today was my first day of Cross Country practice. I have a charlie horse in both legs and my whole body is just sore. But at least I'm getting healthy. I go back next Wednesday after Fourth of July. He cancelled on Friday. But I might not compete but I know I'm going to continue to practice.

I can't wait until the Fourth of July. I am going to look so freaking sexy. & have so much fun. It's my first Fourth of July doing something on my own. I have a mission but It's a secret but I'll let you guys know if I completed it.

Uhh I am just sooo sore. Sorry I didn't blog yesterday. I was busy and tired. I might blog later about something I really want to talk about but it depends how I'm feeling. So if I feel better, look forward to a new post.

Monday, June 27, 2011

We make decisions!

So I'm the type that likes to think ahead. I like to have a game plan. So I googled some controversial topics. The one in which I am going to speak about now wasn't on the list.  These are some of the topics which influenced me to write this blog.

  • Gay Parents
  • Giving out Condoms at School
  • Violence in the Media/Video Game Violence
  • Sex education
The way I took all of this is that they think that this stuff can have a bad influence on kids. I'm going to discuss each one of them. But to just put it out there, I don't think that the things listed above are something we should worry about. If the parent steps up and teaches the child what is right from wrong. It should be okay.

Gay Parents-- If anything I think that a child can learn how to be open minded and how to love. Because let's face it, there's no love stronger than gay love. Being gay is not a disease. A kid will not become gay by being around gay people.

Giving out Condoms at School-- If a child is NOT having sex, having a condom is NOT going to just magically make that kid want to have sex. It will just simply protect those who are having sex.

Violence in the Media/ Video Game Violence-- If the parent allows the child to play violent video games or watch violent movies, it is responsible for the parent to teach their child that, violence is NOT acceptable. Children are going to see violence regardless. It's not a video game's fault if your child grows up to be the next Michael Myers.

Sex Ed-- I'm not even going to write a lot about this. Children need this. Especially if their not comfortable talking to their parents or a trusted adult with reliable information.

     In my opinion, we cannot hold the media, schools, or violence in video games for how are kids are raised. What they see in the media, or schools, or video games; they will see for the rest of their life.

Ignorance tolerated.

Hey. I have so many new ideas for blogs & a lot of stuff I want to talk about. But I don't always have the  time to look for pictures or to sit and write a post. (I haven't even been checking my twitter!) But i want to comment on a story I just seen browsing through the news' website. Here is the link if you want to read it. (If not, I'll give a little summary) But if you are visiting the link, be sure to read the comments.


Now you know I have a lot to say. But first let me just comment on the way they acted. "Booing" during our national anthem is so disrespectful to me. I know they wanted to red Mexico and everything but that was so inappropriate. It's one thing to boo because the other team has the ball or something but at the national anthem. (When I say "they", I'm talking about the people who acted inappropriately) I mean if your living in America. You need to respect us. People complain about having directions or something in a different language. But I'm not one of those. While English is the language of America, I realize that America is the "melting pot" and everyone is welcome here. I'm not the one to judge.

The part that got me really upset, the part that made me post this blog, was the comments.  I don't know why we always feel that we have to comment on something and judge. Especially when he judge biased. I'm tired of fighting racism in 2011. I mean we all have something in us that's biased, whether it's against a race, religion, or gender. But sometimes it's just best if we keep our mouths closed and our comments to ourselves. Everyone has experienced discrimination in some way, if we don't like being discriminated against, why do we do it to others?

I mean, come on people, think.

Domestic Violence?

I watched Dr. Phil today. They talked about Domestic violence. I just want to say that it is wrong. This Ladies' ex-boyfriend gauged out her eye i think. IDK it was something like that. But she has one fake eye. I just think that is depressing.

The only way I would rip someones eye out like that is if they hurt my family. But she didn't do that. He just got mad because she left.

He keeps following her an police won't do nothing. He some how keeps getting out of jail. I would have to take things in my own hands. I would hunt HIM down, rip HIS eye. and kill HIM.

When they tried to arrest me, I swear I would tell them everything that has happened. It sickens me that nobody can do anything to help. This man should be on the fucking, death row. And he's just out roaming the streets. Like wth ?

People just don't understand.. what if that was their sister, daughter, cousin, mother, or aunt? Would they step in then?

Soo I'm gonna leave you guys with another question..
How do you feel about this ?

To spank, or not to spank?

Okay as may or may not know, I love Tyra Banks. She is an amazing person and I love her show. She is so sweet and motherly and I love that.

Today I was watching her show (I'm usually busy so I don't get to do this a lot). It was an old episode I seen it like 5x. But they were having a debate about spanking. You know I'm going to give you my opinion because, well, that's what I'm writing this for.

I think spanking is a good punishment. I am going to spank my children when they start popping out. I mean when they get 11 or 12 no that's too old. But as long as you don't beat you kids I don't see nothing wrong with it.

I mean don't spank your kids in public, put a age limit on it, and make sure you talk to your kids about why their getting spanked. Like seriously, if you don't tell them what they did wrong, they won't learn.

But what do you think? Are you pro spanking ?

Believe it is possible to solve your problem.

SO at like 10 o' clock last night we had a crazy thunderstorm. The Wii and Modem broke but luckily we got it fixed, It was hilarious because the lights went off and my little cousin was by herself in the dark screaming for me and my mom. We couldn't find her until the lights went off. I'm a horrible person... Laughing while she's scarred for life.  Isn't she adorable ?

I watched Steve Wilkos today. I love him. I seriously respect him and I don't think I ever disagreed with a thing he said. I swear I should be the co founder of that show. Even though we would have to hire more security because I don't think I would be able to control myself from harming those selfish bastards on the show.

I didn't go to cross country today. I totally forgot about it. But I'm definitely going Wednesday. And I'm going jogging tomorrow. I'm going to be so busy this week.